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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is the biggest advancement since the Internet. It empowers transparency, privacy, and security, and has the potential to disrupt entire industries in the near future.

Publications that have covered us:
As the world's most successful blockchain game, CryptoKitties makes blockchain technology accessible.
Within two weeks of launch, CryptoKitties achieved:
  • 150,000+ registered users
  • $15 million in transactions
  • ~25% of the Ethereum network traffic
Services we offer
Product Design
Blockchain is only as impactful as it is usable.
We help distributed platforms overcome scalability challenges with award-winning design that’s touched over 200-million consumers and powers workflows at some of the world’s biggest brands.
Blockchain products need to be accessible before they can realize their potential.
Blockchain technology has the potential to make or break entire industries.
The technology is at an early stage and misunderstandings can lead to lost opportunities. We consult with governments, corporate leaders, and individual investors to shape the impact of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledger technologies.
One-day workshops
Learn how blockchain is relevant to your industry
Analysis + Action Plan
Discover the biggest opportunities and obstacles facing your business—and what to do about them.
Joint Ventures
Blockchain is built better, together.
We specialize in new venture creation in emerging technology, partnering with industry leaders and Fortune 500s to create groundbreaking products and businesses.
About AxiomZen
We are a team of founders, designers, and technology experts that specialize in building innovative products and companies with emerging technology.
Dieter Shirley
Elsa Wilk
Chiqing ‘Leo’ Zhang
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